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Environmental Management Systems and Auditing Plan

Auditing Plan workshop for Environmental Management Systems was developed to prepare delegates to perform comprehensive compliance audits of all types of organizations in accordance with proven industrial standard practices in environmental matters.

As an environmental auditor, one can improve an organization’s compliance position, control risks, improve internal controls, support environmental management systems, and identify pollution prevention opportunities and the same time complying with government regulations to avoid punitive measures for non-compliance. Delivering this value requires an effective audit approach, and an understanding of proven audit techniques and industry audit standards. Join at us African Training Institute for this prestigious in-depth look at the facets of multimedia environmental management systems and compliance auditing.

This training workshop is designed to cater for professionals involved in auditing, system development or system maintenance, including those who write and implement Environmental management systems, are involved in the Environmental management process, managers responsible for their Environmental management system and those members wish to consolidate their existing knowledge into a formal qualification.

Specifically Environmental Auditors, such as those employed by third-party bodies, purchasing organisations (second-party auditors), Environmental practitioners, such as environmental consultants, environmental managers and other environmental personnel and Employees conducting environmental management system audits within their own organisations as an internal auditing process

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:


  • Learn to be an effective environmental compliance auditor and explore reporting options
  • Understand audit program elements and components and discuss auditing methods and skills
  • Analyize results, including internal controls, root causes, and other factors affecting environmental systems
  • have knowledge of environmental legislation, aspects and impacts, are able to judge aspect significance
  • understand the methods and techniques of environmental management that enable one to examine an environmental management system, and to generate appropriate audit findings and conclusions