IMMAC Leadership and Management Consultancy And Training Centre

Financial Management Courses

Auditing Financial Statements in Banks
Internal Auditing, Compliance and Risk Management
Accounting for Derivatives and other Financial Instruments
Central Banks supervision and anti-money laundering strategies
Financial crimes and anti-money laundering strategies
Finance for Non Financial Managers
International Tax Aspects of Megers, Acquistions and Corporate Finance
Financial Management of Donor Funded Projects
International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)
Public Sector Financial Management
Risk Based Approach to Financial Auditing
Budget Planning & Forecasting
Budgeting, Finacial Strategy & Business Value
Budgeting Forecasting & Modelling
Financial Aspects of Procurement
Credit Control and Debt Management
Taxation Methodologies and Analysis
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Auditing Techniques for Senior Auditors
Risk Management and Financial Analysis in the Central Banks
Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Optimization
Treasury Mangement
Investment Fund Operations
Pension Funds Management
Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation
Public Private Partnership Financial Modelling
Strategic Planning, Effective Budgeting & Cost Control
Spreadsheet Skills for Finance Personnel